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We at Gydynap Garage will ensure you that your car is attended to in the best possible way. We take clients consent on every little detail before attending to the car.

Here are some common services we offer to our clients:

  • Servicing: Regular maintenance and car service. We inspect the car thoroughly before starting any work on the car. We list issues and condition of the car in our worksheet and start the process ONLY after we get your approval on all the points. We follow a logbook that will help you understand the various activities performed on your car.
  • Clutches: Keep it smooth for a smoother drive. 
  • Brakes: Keep them perfect. Better safe when you drive.
  • Tyres:  All 4 wheels and the spare tyre needs to be checked regularly for air pressure and to ensure that no sharp objects are found in the tyre. Especially just before you are planning to set out on a long drive. This ensures longevity of the tyres and a great drive.
  • Batteries: In those rare cases when your battery is dead, we will help you jump start it. If it can be repaired, we provide quality car battery and also provide you warranty of the product.
  • Air conditioning: A drive without an AC is like sitting in a furnace. Be it coolant replacement or AC sanitisation, we will fix it for you. We are a responsible and eco friendly company. We will dispose any hazardous chemicals responsibly.
  • Other services: Oil replacement, cam belts and towbars are few other services we offer help with. We perform a thorough check for any malfunctioning parts or investigate an existing problem and its cause or even foresee issues due to malfunctioning of the parts. This will help you save a lot of money. Yes just like the saying goes a stitch at a time saves nine.



MOT Testing Class 4,5,7

We perform annual test as per the statutory guidance from the ministry of transport (MOT). We perform tests on class 4, 5, 7 vehicles both private passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Cars, including 3 wheeled vehicles with more than 450kg unloaded weight, Taxis, Minibuses and Ambulances up to 12 passenger seats, Goods vehicles not exceeding 3000kg, Motor Caravans fall in the class 3 category.

Private passenger vehicles, Ambulances, and Dual Purpose Vehicles with more than 12 passenger seats are categorised under class 4.

Goods vehicles, which are over 3000kg are categorised under class 7.

We are a straightforward ethical company, and we will have the vehicle tested by a nominated tester. Who is a nominated tester? A person/company who is registered and authorised by the MOT body to carry out tests on vehicles is a nominated tester.

Give us a call now or visit our facility. We are happy to help you and your car, so you are able to peacefully drive miles without any stress.

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